Thursday, April 18, 2013

About the Institution

Jayavilas Group Proprietor
Named after Sri.S.Ramasamy Naidu, a renowned freedom fighter and great educationalist. This institution had a very humble beginning in a renated building of a Ginning factory in Nagalapuram village in the year 1970. Founded by a group of farmers of little means but with unbounded zeal for Social Service, the institution's motto displays it's declared objectives 'Love, Wisdom and Service'
The founders envisioned the emergence of a rural community, enlightened and free from poverty. It was their conviction that Wisdom was realisable through service emanating from the love of humanity. So the goal was set; but the location of the College service emanating from the love of humanity. So the goal was set; but the location of the college did not facilitate its speedy realisation. Lack of sufficient transport facilities made the institution inaccessible to the prospective students. This resulted in the trasfer of the College to the village limits of Sadayampatti, near Sattur. The mission remained the same to bring higher education within the reach of the poor masses of this rural region.

Over these forty three years since it's establishment, this institution has achieved remarkable growth from a rented shed to elegant buildings, infrastructurally and from Pre-university courses to a number of Postgraduate and research programmes, academically. It's growth is slow, steady and healthy. But the path of it's growth was not smooth. Thanks to the generosity of it's countless benefactors over the years and the munificence of Sri. Jayavilas Group of Industries, It become possible for the College to have a remarkable growth. It is a remarkable Coincidence that this Institution founded to serve the poor Villagers came to be sustained by the very same Villagers. This, naturally has made the institution retain its humility all through its growth. This is one of the contributory factors for the Institution's succeess and enjoying the good will of the society it is serving...

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